Become actor for Floris Sconfeld's film project, hehee - This is the last post from Wimo Ambala Bayang-

Floris wanted to bury his works in James Turrel's work area with special ceremony and filming it.

and I became a Klingon who buried Floris' work :)

Floris Sconfeld

I met new friends, they are Henri and Hans from Rotterdam.

Hans and Henri the Master :)

Burial spot

Photo session with Henri in front of Holland Spoor before He back to Rotterdam, and of course.. with plastic fangs ;)


It was February 28th, It was Mes 56 (our group) 7th anniversary, I bought a book as a birthday present :)

I met Maarten and Ellen in front of Heden kunst van nu

and I met Miranda

It was Saturday night, finally i could come to Ruimtevaart which close to DCR :)

Barney de Kreijger

There was a performance before screening

They showed some amateur videos from the past time


Barney showed us an editing machine for celluloid

and they showed an old documentary film about Yogyakarta which was made by Dutch people