Chinese Family Portrait

Chinese family posed in front of Mao Zedong statue opposite of Cultural Exchange Center building in Lijiang, Yunnan province.

A half house, half palace, half bamboos

I found a half house half palace and half bamboos in middle of a farm field in Muntilan after big eruptions of Merapi...

Durian Runtuh...

Durian runtuh adalah sebuah perumpamaan lama apabila kita mendapatkan rejeki nomplok. Padahal Durian itu kan berat, keras dan berduri. Saya sependapat dengan teman saya Akiq AW, yang lebih kritis menanggapi perumpaamaan tersebut, kenapa rejeki nomplok diumpamakan dengan mendapat Durian runtuh? Ada apa dengan Durian yang runtuh dari atap kamar saya beberapa minggu lalu ?

We wish we were A Military General

As a children in Indonesia whom growth in New Order period, become a soldier or part of Indonesian military were one of aspiration which were most people or parents desired.

Specially me, who lived in Magelang, city that become center of Indonesian Army Forces.

Today is 65th anniversary of Indonesian Military Forces, so this post just a piece of nice memory outside the horrible memories about military in Indonesia and anywhere else in the world...

Contemporeneity: Contemporary Art in Indonesia at Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai, China. 23 July-19 August 2010

The exhibition showcases contemporary artworks that mark the tension between "globality" and "multeity". Globality, or current art, should be fostered communally utilizing different art forms of different countries. But in reality, as a result of decolonization, differences between cultures and countries are intense; globalization actually strengthens heterogeneity and promotes multeity.

The contemporary artworks presented in this exhibition portray the concept of "multeity", focusing in particular on the works of influential Indonesian artists and reflecting the development of contemporary art Indonesia outside the western context. Visitors can easily recognize the hallmarks that make the works contemporary art. Bringing forth works utilizing conventional media, the exhibition uncovers the often-blurred boundary between modern and contemporary art outside of Europe and the United States. Furthermore, the exhibition will display artworks that substantiate the inspiration behind the ethnic art that have never been fully grasped in the context of either the modern or contemporary art worlds.
Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai.

This exhibition curated by Jim Supangkat (Indonesia) and Biljana Ciric (China).

S.Teddy work at the entrance.

Eko Nugroho's work on the whole facade of the museum.

Jompet Kuswidananto's work.

Agus Suwage's works.

Angki Purbandono's work-a photo book.

Manguptra's works.

Arahmaiani's work. There was a problem with custom actually, so there were some artworks which could not be shown, so Arahmaiani did this painting :)

There are some Indonesian film makers/director whom joined to this exhibition (Edwin, Faozan Rizal, Garin Nugroho, Gotot Prakosa). This still image was from Kantata Takwa by Gotot Prakosa.

Entang Wiharso and Agus Suwage's works.

Nasirun Work.

Agus Suwage's work from the series Toys are Us.

Nasirun and Erik Pauhrizi's work.

Tromarama's work.

My Work-High Hopes series

Dr. Melani, Mr Haryanto, and Ahmad Mashadi.

Fx. Harsono's works.

Handiwirman's work.

Beside the main exhibition there was also presentation about artist's archives which have been influencing the artist for working.

Dr Melani and Biljana Ciric.

Samuel Kung the director of MoCA.

The Seminars.

Mr. Hallam Chow, Biljana Ciric, Jim Supangkat, Prof. Wang Dagen, and Ahmad Mashadi.

Ahmad Mashadi.

Arahmaiani presented her project journey to Tibet.

Limo, assistant of Arahmaiani told us about their journey.

Prof. Wang Dagen's presentation.

Rudi was represent Tromara for Pecha Kucha, yes we did Pecha Kucha after seminar.

Amadeus, Indonesian quartet performance.

It's me :)

Pak Jim lead us back to hotel... :D