Amsterdam for the second time:) day 10

yesterday was Saturday, i went to Man Ray exhibition at Foto Museum Den Haag with Roos and Matt also meet Arya & Sara, i didn't bring my camera.
and today we go to Amsterdam together with Sara Nuytemans and Arya Panjalu :D

windmil and graffiti

the smoke look like Chinese Dragon

hehehe :)

it's look like Eko Nugroho's work, isn't it? :D

"I'm flying Jack!" (TITANIC :)


Sun Flower

the Kiss

mm.. who ride this troley?

the kids are discussing :)

the kids still discuss

it's an interesting public art, i think

come to see exhibition at De Veemvloer, Opposites Attract: On Dialectics, whom Sara's works were shown

Ulay's works

Maria, Arya, Maria

MariaMaria's work

mm... whose work is it?

Pondok Indah (Expensive area/houses in Jakarta)

Los Brengos :D

Deathproof !


Ninja's stuffs

so now,it's time to put my camera in the bag, sorry:)

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